Common Mosquito Groups

* Anopheles

* Aedes (tree holes, containers)

* Coquilletidia (emergent pond vegetation)

* Ochleratatus (Salt Marsh and Vernal Pools)

* Culex (emergent in pond vegetation)

Mosquito causes

* Malaria

* Dengue Fever

* West Nile Virus


* Lacrosse Encephalitis

* Yellow Fever

* Transmitter of diseases

Fly Off

Fly off is full of natural ingredients like essential oils from the plant leaves by stream distillation.

* Fly off –is Citronella based Incense sticks with Lavender fragrance Mosquito Agarbatti.

* It is completely organic chemical free product.

* Not only the mosquito repellent it gives peace to your mind with the perfect fragrance

* Fly off can capture the complete attention by interesting fragrance

* Keep away the mosquitoes from you


* For example, burning one mosquito coil would release the same amount of PM (2.5) mass as burning 75-137 cigarettes.

* The emission of formaldehyde from burning one coil can be as high as that released from burning 51 cigarettes.


While burning the FLY-OFF incense Sticks the herbal (fumes) molecules coming out of the sticks and contact with mosquito receptors ,leads to quickly repels the adult mosquito(Repellent interferes with receptors).Simultaneously it prevents entry of mosquitoes from outside into the room where the stick is kept burning.

* FLY OFF analytically tested by different laboratories and proved that’s its does not contain any pesticides & chemicals

* FLY OFF tested in laboratory animal studies, and conclude that inhalation of fly off Fumes does not harm to lungs, has no other side effects to health.

* FLY OFF does not have toxic fumes. Instead, it’s made from natural products that give you the additional benefit of a pleasant fragrance and purifying the air.

* FLY OFF gives an Aromatherapy benefits their amazing aroma will help you feel more relaxed and brighten up your day.

Where and how to use?

* Recommended to be used outdoors especially in garden areas, terrace, balcony, living room and dining room.

* Herbal Sticks can be used for short duration in the house (rooms) and also in the out-door areas like lawn, garden, open space, etc.

* Place fly off Mosquito Repellent Sticks in a  ceramic holder or a flower pot filled with moist sand/soil. 

* For BEST RESULTS place several incense sticks in a perimeter around your place spaced 12-15 feet apart.

* Place sticks as low to the ground as possible to keep mosquitoes from your ankles and feet.

Importance of FLY OFF

* Fly off mosquito sticks does not harm to the public health & Environment,

* No-toxic without pollutants & does not cause irritations on skin & eyes.

* The product is also easily handy while travelling, What to watch out for:

* While this product is safe and made of herbal ingredient, there are certain points that you must keep in mind.

* Keep the burning Incense stick away from any inflammable materials.

* Keep away from children.

* For external use only


What they are

* Cockroaches are common pests in homes and all other buildings.

* They are nuisance because of their filthy habits and bad smell.

* Cockroaches play a role as carriers of diseases.

* Lives in areas where humans handle food and water

* Active at night, If you see cockroaches during the day ,it conveys alarming population density

* At night they search for food in kitchens, food storage places, rubbish bins, drains and sewers.


* Cockroaches live in close association with people

* Live in parts of houses and other buildings where warmth, moisture and food are adequate.

* Daytime they hide in cracks and crevices in walls, door frames and furniture, in bathrooms, cupboards, steam tunnels, animal houses, basements, televisions, electric devices, drains and sewer systems.

* If the lights are on at night in an infested kitchen at night cockroaches will run from dishes, utensils, working surfaces and the floor towards shelter.

What they eat

* Cockroaches eat a great variety of food, , they prefer starchy and sugary materials.

* Milk and nibble at cheese, meats, pastry, grain products, sugar and sweet chocolate.

* They also feed on cardboard, book bindings.

* The sized inner lining of shoe soles.

* Their own cast-off skins, dead and crippled cockroaches, fresh and dried blood.

* Excrement, sputum, and the fingernails and toenails of babies and sleeping or sick persons.


* Gamer is a 100 % Plant based anti-cockroach spray

* proprietary formula blended with herbal extracts and naturally extracted oils.

* It works instantly to protect you and your family against cockroaches.

* A continuous spray of GAMER with 10 days interval in the Kitchen and drainage areas will reduce Cockroach population.

* Gamer kills cockroaches

Why choose GAMER

* Gamer is the plant based liquid aerosol against cockroaches

* Safely effectively kills cockroaches,

* Chemical free with natural citronella blended with pleasant fragrance

* Effectively protects you from deadly diseases.

* Herbal, natural and safe

* Non toxic, no pesticide.

* Contains NO harmful chemicals,

Where to use

* Can be used in pantry , Domestic kitchens, warehouses, restaurants, toilets, indoors & outdoors.

* Preferred time of spraying is in the night before going to sleep and to be sprayed On a continuous basis for 10 days.

* For rapid action, spray directly at the cockroach resting crevices.