Maze is an organic nutritional product containing vegetable protein, seaweed extract and free amino acids that accelerates growth, increase flowering and fruiting, intensify color and provide resistance to disease, insects, drought & frost, make the produce attractive and marketable.

Vegetable Protein


Seaweed Extract


Free amino acids


Vegetable protein from soy bean extract. Free amino acids such as asparagines, cysteine, glutamine and glycine.

Application :

Field tested and found effective on various such as Coffee, tea ,Rice, wheat, millets, sorghum, cotton, chilies, cashew nuts, cloves, pulses, vegetables, cassava ,potatoes, banana, fruits, flowers and horticultural crops. Packaging Availability: 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml and 1litre HDPE bottles.

MAZE Dosage on Crops

* Foliar Spray: Mix 1- 1.5ml of ALLCOR per litre of water for all crops.
* Seed treatment: Seeds can be dipped in ALLCOR solution @ 2-3 ml / lt of water for 10-15 minutes before planting.
* Root dipping: Before transplanting, roots of the seedlings can be dipped in ALLCOR solution @ 2-3 ml /ltr of water.

MAZE - Organic vegetative Improver & Strengthner


Foliar Fertilizer


Soluble Liquid

Action Mode

Foliar Fertigation Absorption


As a growth improver for all crops

* MAZE contains nutrients such as Mn, Fe, Zn, Cu & Mo.
* MAZE provides a proper balance of micronutrients for normal growth & optimum yield.


HUMAX Organic Bio activator & Soil Conditioner

HUMAX (Liquid Humic Acid) is extracted from lignite in the form of Liquid Super Potassium Humate. Liquid Potassium Humate is an organic water soluble humic substance. HUMAX contains active forms of humic Fulvic acid, in addition has aminoacids.

Application :

It is used for Commercial Crops like, Sugarcane, Cotton, Tapioca, Cashew, Turmeric, Paddy, Wheat, and Banana. It is used for all types of trees like Mango, Coconut, sapodilla, guava and all types of trees, Spices and Plantation Crops, Pulses like green gram, black gram cowpea and all types of pulses, Oil Seeds like Sunflower, Groundnut and all types of oilseeds. It is used for vegetables like Ladies finger, Radish, Soybeans, Carrot, Tomato, Chilies, Potato, Onion, Beetroot, Spinach, Corn, Egg plant and all types of Vegetables. It is used for Cereals like Maize, Pearl millet, Finger millet and all types of Cereals. It also can be used for Ornamental Plants like Marigold, Jasmine, Rose, Green lawns, Orchard, Nurseries and Green House Crops.

Available Package :

250 ml, 500ml 1000ml &5litre HDPE bottles with aluminum waded packed in 7ply corrugated carton box and Bulk packing in 2OOLitres HM-HDPE Drums.

HUMAX Dosage on Crops

Soil Application :

Mix 5 liters of HUMAX in 150 liters of water (1:30Ratio) for one acre of land. Apply the mixture while ploughing/seeding along with the application of fertilizer as usual. Repeat the same dosage before flowering. This helps speedy root development & penetration.

Drip Irrigation :

Mix 5 litres of HUMAX in 250 litres of water (1:50 Ratio) for one acre of land. Apply the mixture with normal application of fertilizers in fertigation tank/Ventury. For Short period of cultivation repeat the process before flowering. For long period of cultivation repeat the process in 45 days.

Foliar Spray :

For 1 acre, mix 1 litre of HUMAX in 50 litres of water and spary to all crops before flowering. For Ornamental Plants and Grass Lawn spray the mixture Once in 30 days in the morning or evening. Trees: For Grownup trees use HUMAX @ 50ml per tree mixed with water in the ratio of 1:30.

HUMAX Organic Bio activator & Soil Conditioner


Foliar & Soil Fertilizer


Growth supplement for better cropand Plant Growth Booster


Soluble Liquid

Active Matter

NaturalHumic acids

Action Mode

Foliar Fertigation Absorption

* Improves physical property of soil, iron exchange capacity, water holding and drought tolerance ability.
* Accelerates plant metabolic processes and enhances nutrient uptake, reduces the use of pesticide and chemical fertilizers