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Neophyll Agrisciences was born out of a burning desire to serve Agriculture Community through innovative, cost effective and relevant technologies to improve the per hectare yield of various crops.

Neophyll is an applied research oriented organization, combines advances in molecular science with human intelligence of creativity, curiosity, team work and effective delivery to drastically alter the way, nutrition is delivered to plants without affecting the ecosystem and protecting the environment in the natural way. Organic farming is considered as one of the sustainable agricultural practices ensuring better food and soil quality and the production of organic products free from the synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth hormones and inorganic fertilizers.

Neophyll managed by well experienced agriculture professionals, serves farmers through its extensive network of marketing personnel spread over throughout globe.

About Neophyll

Neophyll Agrisciences Pvt ltd based out of Chennai, India primarily focuses on bio-stimulants, plant growth promoters, for organic agriculture globally with our state of art manufacturing plant, delving plant extraction and fermentation.

Neophyll Agrisciences Pvt ltd which is a certified Organic plant growth promoter supplier with backward integration into research and manufacturing through fermentation process which forms part of our final products it’s our uniqueness.

Our Board areas of solution through manufacturing business

1. Organic Plant Nutrition.

2. Enzyme based plant nutrition.

3. Bio-Pesticides.

4. Bio-Fertilizer.

5. Organic Pesticide from Plant extracts.

6. Plant derived extracts and oils for mosquito adulticide -vaporizer, mosquito larvicide.

7. Hydroponics plant Nutrition.

8. Plant Growth Tablets & pellets.

We have few products which have shown remarkable results in few countries and which could be more suitable for your crops.

Organic pest control agents and also have a patent for plant extract based mosquito larvicide with demonstrated control efficacy.

We also have few patents for plant based products with application in insect control and mosquito control. We have a patent for Malaria larvicide based on plant extracts and more products are in the pipeline.

There is a huge opportunity in promoting green products as the people are becoming aware of dangers of too much chemicals in the system.

Quality and consistent supplies, most competitive prices and committed deliveries are our hallmark.

Why choose us ?

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Our Philosophy:

During early twentieth century farmers were using only farm manures like cowdung,farmyard compost ,crude plant extracts over the years to increase the yield it was advocated to use chemical fertilizer ,pesticides and other synthetic inputs which did do miracles and met the ever increasing demand of food grains. We have travelled a long distance ,now food habits has changed and people are looking for moving vegetable less of staple food, free from synthetic chemicals and also fresh from the farm.


We would like Neophyll to be positioned in the area of natural care of plants. Take the best in nature to provide appropriate solutions to agriculture to meet the ever increasing demand of food product without residue.


To reduce the load of chemicals in vegetable crops, fruit tress and our surroundings so that we get the produce with zero residues.


What does Neophyll offer?

We offer high quality plant growth Promoters, Boosters, yield enhancers, amino acids growth Mixer and protein Hydrolysate stimulants, humic acid, seaweed extract, organic manure, naturally chelated micronutrients, hydroponics nutrition, Tablets, pellets form for home gardens and lawns.

We are also selectively offering in crop protection products from various botanical extracts such as pongaima; Azadirachta Indica, and Annona Squamosa (Custard Apple) produced from the best Raw materials available in the market, at very competitive Prices.


How is Neophyll different from other manufacturers?

Consistent and stable products.

fast, effective and efficient service.

Total commitment and dedication to fulfilling the requirements of our customers.

Wide range of services and advice offered.

Our Values

Neophyll can custom manufactures products accordingto the requirement of importing countries based on the crop conditions and usage pattern.

We offer high quality Plant biostimulants.

produced from the best raw materials available in the market.

at very competitive prices.


Innovative Products

There is a constant challenge to evolve new and improved agriculture nutrition to reduce the buildup of excess chemicals in the ecosystem; we work in applied research to bring out novel products. our core strength is derived from its fermentation and extraction technology which gives a lead over many others in the sector. Neophyll has introduced Innovative Agricultural inputs for the benefit of Farming community and develop the green environment in organic way cultivation of agriculture crops. Neophyll have introduced the following Innovative formulations, which are certified from INDOCERT (Indian Organic Certification Agency, India Equivalent to European council of regulation following the NPOP standards)

Chemical free insect/Mosquito control

Mosquito and flies control in houses and outdoor resting places We are used to repelling insects and mosquitoes by resorting to COILS fortified with PESTICIDES and vaporizers with pesticides eventually exposing ourselves to toxic fumes containing pesticides from the products which we use daily. To find an answers to this and to protect ourselves from pesticide laced fumes NEOPHYLL has been working on using naturally available plant extracts so that our health is protected.Genesis of FLY-OFF is the result of continous incremental innovation to reduce fumes and to maximize repellent action .

Burning time -150 minutes Entry of mosquitoes happens during 6-8 pm depending on the place and season prevent the entry and effectively repels 100% Mosquitoes. Stick also acts as perfume sticks,

For control of Mosquito larvae in the breeding places -Fresh water and sewage water We are reducing the usage of pesticides in the water bodies contains plant extracts


Neophyll Products are organically certified by an internationally accredited certifying organization INDOCERT (Indian Organic Certification Agency, India Equivalent To European Council Of Regulation Following The NPOP Standards).


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‘’Quantity of human life depends on the quality of agriculture ‘’