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NEOPHYLL with more than a decade of focused & deep applied research derived from extensive global field experience in Agriculture Nutrition,Urban Horticulture,Pest control,Public health directed towards Mosquito Larvae &adults,Cockroaches,Bed bugs and Ants etc; leverages its knowledge on Natural substances with pronounced action-mainly from plant extracts,microbes,essential oil constituents and other natural oils NEOPHYLL has been working towards bringing down the chemical and pesticide load near our surrounding gradually.

What does Neophyll offer?

We offer high quality plant growth Promoters, Boosters, yield enhancers, amino acids, growth Mixer and protein Hydrolysate stimulants, humic acid, seaweed extract, organic manure, naturally chelated micronutrients, hydroponics nutrition, Tablets, pellets form for home gardens and lawns. We are also selectively offering in crop protection products from various botanical extracts such as pongaima; Azadirachta Indica, and Annona Squamosa (Custard Apple) produced from the best Raw materials available in the market, at very competitive Prices.

Uniqueness & Relevance

Starting from 1939 when DDTs potential use for pest control was discovered to now application load of fertilizers,pesticides to our crops went on increasing to a level where consumers started demanding chemical free,naturally grown and unprocessed foods and vegetables. NEOPHYLL’s relevance is to cater to the global consumers through supply of products manufactured from naturally derived substances. NEOPHYLL’s uniqueness comes from the research to identify and use of nature in abundance to solve consumers’ pain without anymore addition to the already existing pesticide & chemical load.

Core Values

• The Courage to shape a healthy life for our users through team work, integrity, accountability, Innovation built upon shared and evolving requirements of consumers.

• Brave enough to focus on lasting impact to users.

• Always metamorphosing to our Global clientele and users.

Why Choose Us

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Effective Natural remedy for clean food & Disease free homes

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Accumulated Knowledge Transformed into residue free products

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End to end multi point quality assurance

"Quantity of human life depends on Clean & Green Agriculture"

Our Philosophy :

During early twentieth century farmers were using only farm manures like cowdung,farmyard compost ,crude plant extracts over the years to increase the yield it was advocated to use chemical fertilizer ,pesticides and other synthetic inputs which did do miracles and met the ever increasing demand of food grains. We have travelled a long distance ,now food habits has changed and people are looking for moving vegetable less of staple food, free from synthetic chemicals and also fresh from the farm.


We would like Neophyll to be positioned in the area of natural care of plants. Take the best in nature to provide appropriate solutions to agriculture to meet the ever increasing demand of food product without residue.


To reduce the load of chemicals in vegetable crops, fruit tress and our surroundings so that we get the produce with zero residues.

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